Anthony Stell, Clinical Informatics Developer

University of Melbourne


Anthony Stell is a clinical informatics developer in the eResearch group at the University of Melbourne. In this role he is responsible for the project management and technical development of several advanced registries supporting clinical research in various domains such as adrenal cancer, spinal trauma and traumatic brain injury. He is the senior software developer for the ENSAT registry, which is a unique, well-used (with 76 active centers), security-focused resource for adrenal cancer, with advanced features to support statistical and bio-banking analyses for a diverse set of studies. Within ENSAT-HT Anthony is the senior technical developer for WP1 and will provide technical support and assistance for the underlying IT infrastructure.

Anthony worked formerly as a Grid Engineer at the UK National e-Science Centre at the University of Glasgow where he developed distributed, real-time clinical systems to support brain-injury studies in Europe (the Avert-IT project) and epidemiological trials in the UK (the VOTES project). During this time he also served as a member of the Grid Engineering Task Force (Grid ETF, UK).

He is currently in the final year of a PhD in Clinical Physics at the University of Glasgow studying clinical variation and guideline adherence in traumatic brain injury through neurological ICU data analysis. He has an MSc in Information Technology from the University of Glasgow, an MPhys in Astrophysics from the University of Edinburgh, and is a Chartered Member of the British Computing Society (CITP MBCS). He has over 40 peer-reviewed publications across a range of computing and application-specific domains.


Example Publications

  1. Eisenhofer G, Brown S, Peitzsch M, Pelzel D, Lattke P, Glöckner S, Stell A, Prejbisz A, Fassnacht M, Beuschlein F, Januszewicz A, Siegert G, Reichmann H - "Levodopa therapy in Parkinson’s disease: influence on liquid chromatographic tandem mass spectrometric-based measurements of plasma and urinary normetanephrine, metanephrine and methoxytyramine", Annals of Clinical Biochemistry, 2014 Jan; 51 (Pt 1):38-46
  1. Felix Beuschlein, Jens Weigel, Wolfgang Saeger, Matthias Kroiss, Vanessa Wild, Fulvia Daffara, Rosella Libé, Arianna Ardito, Abir Al Ghuzlan, Marcus Quinkler, Andrea Oßwald, Cristina L. Ronchi, Ronald de Krijger, Richard A. Feelders, Jens Waldmann, Holger S. Willenberg, Timo Deutschbein, Anthony Stell, Martin Reincke, Mauro Papotti, Eric Baudin, Frédérique Tissier, Harm R. Haak, Paola Loli, Massimo Terzolo, Bruno Allolio, Hans-Helge Müller, and Martin Fassnacht - "Major Prognostic Role of Ki67 in Localized Adrenocortical Carcinoma After Complete Resection", The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism 2015, 100:3, 841-849
  1. Anthony Stell, Richard Sinnott, Jipu Jiang, Rob Donald, Iain Chambers, Giuseppe Citerio, Per Enblad, Barbara Gregson, Tim Howells, Karl Kiening, Pelle Nilsson, Arminas Ragauskas, Juan Sahuquillo, Ian Piper – “Federating distributed clinical data for the prediction of adverse hypotensive events”, Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London A, 2009, vol 367 (1898), pp 2679-2690


Contact Details

Anthony Stell

Clinical Informatics Developer

324 Doug McDonell Building, University of Melbourne

Tel: +61-(0)3-9035-3755 Mob: +61-(0)478-313-748

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Scientific Coordinator: Dr Maria -Christina Zennaro, Head of INSERM U970 team 14: Genetic mechanisms of aldosterone-related disorders.

Project Manager (INSERM-Transfert): Catherine Clusel

Project Manager (INSERM-Transfert): Kristina Fiedler

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Paris Cardiovascular Research Center (PARCC), European Georges Pompidou Hospital, 56 rue Leblanc, 75015 Paris, France

INSERM-Transfert, Paris Biopark, 7 rue Watt, 75013 Paris, France


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